About Us

About Us

Constantly upgrading the technology industry with the manufacturing costs down. How to do under this competitive environment, to enhance the quality and decrease the cost of production?

Our company in such demand, professional engineering team (from Taiwan / Japan ) to professional and technical point of view, to help customers develop and provide quality products and competitive prices to meet customer needs.

Skills upgrading         : Continuous improvement
Quality improvement : The best conditions
Cost down                 : To meet customer requirements



Management Philosophy

  • Quality Assurance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovation at anytime
Our Services
  • Mechanical Transmission Part : Belt / Bearing /Liner Guide / Motorized Stage /Coupling
  • Solar Cell consumable spare parts :
                Wet Bench : RENA / SCHMID

                Diffusion: Centrotherm / Temmpress

                PECVD: R&R / OTB / Marburger 

                Printing machine: Baccin
  • Semiconductor consumable spare parts :
          Probe card : Overhaul & Fabrication       
          Plating machine : Wafer Holder 
          Ceramics Chuck : Cutting 
  • New Technology Production material &Machine Consumable part trading
  • Assist Customer develop & supply from Japan / Korea / Taiwan Engineering Technology Trading
          Tools & Machine & Instrument & Material Fabrication : ( Quartz / Graphite / Ceramics )

Our Brands