Fartack – PUR PU reactive Hot Melt

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Type Product Colour Features
Car Lamp Assembly AL 3401 Gray Car lamp, for pail melter
AL 3402 Black Car lamp, for pail melter
AL 3403 White Car lamp, for pail melter
NFT-PUR-3101 Gray Car lamp, 2.5Kg Al slug for
PURblue 4
BM 3103 Light yellow Bicycle lamp, 300g cartridge
Electronic Devices Assembly PB 2090 High green strength, good adhesion on PC,PMMA, Glass, Al, Steel
PB 2090F Fast curing version of PB 2090
PB 2095BF Black colour, suitable for the jetting nozzle,re-workable @80℃
PB 2246F >10mins open time, good bonding strength on most of metal substrates
LED Street Light Assembly AL 3409G Gray For pail melter, fast curing
Textile Lamination TB 3027 Breathable film to fabric lamination
TB 3037 Fabric to fabric lamination
TB 3035 Car seat or shoe fabric lamination,
NIKE approval
TB 3083 Diving suit lamination (Neoprene/fabric)
TB 3019 Curtain nonwoven fabric lamination
Good QUV resistance
TB 3071 Curtain nonwoven fabric lamination
General purpose
TB 3072 Curtain nonwoven fabric lamination
For difficult-to-bond substrates
TB 3037 Sanding paper to fabric lamination
PET Plastic Box Sealing PL 2029 Clear bond line, higher green strength
PL 2085-V3 Opaque bond line, liquor case sealing
Bookbinding BB 2672 High page pull strength, lay-flat property
BB 2650 Long pot life, high page pull strength
Woodworking PL 2035 PMMA, PET, PC sheet to plywood lamination
PL 2028 ABS sheet to plywood lamination
WB 2737 Parquet floor lamination
BM 3013 Profile wrapping
WB 2707 Edge banding
WB 3061 Liquid PU for manual handling, plywood
lamination, small package
Hook & Loop PL 2030 Long pot life, good bonding strength