Top Leading KOYO Bearing Supplier in Malaysia

Best recognized as one of the world’s leading bearing manufacturers, Koyo engineers and produces a wide selection of premium quality bearings — that designed to support virtually every application for both automotive and industrial markets.

With a collective 7 years of experience in supplying branded machinery parts, Zi Lian is proud to be known as one of the top leading suppliers providing the most comprehensive range of high-precision Koyo bearings in Malaysia. By having all of our products sourced from only the industry’s veterans, 100% tested to meet the OEM standards and built with first-class materials to ensure long service lifetime, hence, you can always be confident to receive only the highest quality and genuine bearings from Zi Lian — with all of them offered at very best prices.

Feel free to contact our team for expert advice on choosing the right part that works best for your next project. With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, our specialists are always ready with professional advice on hand to help with all your parts replacement needs.

That’s the reason why we have always been rated as the number one bearing supplier in Malaysia. Contact us today if you require parts for special application, and you can be sure to get the perfect solutions you need at Zi Lian!
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Your Trusted Supplier for First-Grade KOYO Bearings in Malaysia

Considering Zi Lian as your top choice for professional-grade bearing products in Malaysia, since we only stock components from world-class industry leaders like Koyo to ensure they are of OEM-certified for guaranteed longevity. Find out the reasons why we are your best resource for quality yet affordable bearings in Malaysia.

Over 7 Years Experience

Zi Lian has been the leading brand in professional-quality industrial parts since 2014. For over 7 years, our products win a worldwide reputation for quality.

High Quality Parts

We only represent the brands we believe in. Hence, you can trust us to provide high-quality parts that are of 100% OE-compatible, which will help your machines increase efficiency.

Best Price Guarantee

We strive to offer extremely competitive pricing across our wide product range. With great supplier power and strong relationships, it enables us to pass the savings onto you.

Excellent Service

Our main value is you! We know how important it is to choose the right part for your specific replacement needs. Hence, our experienced team are always ready to help with your selection.


Uses & Applications

Koyo, one of the most recognized names in bearings, ideally designed for heavy industrial applications in key markets such as:

  •    Aircraft
  •    Automotive
  •    Agriculture
  •    Construction
  •    Steel Mills
  •    Railroad
  •    Windmills

Bearings are precision-made, engineered component parts that enable machinery to operate at extreme speeds and to easily carry heavy loads in an efficient way. The nature of their usage means that they must be highly precise in their operation, reliable, and able to last the test of time. They must also be engineered to rotate at extremely high speeds with the bare minimum of vibration or noise. Their broad application means that bearings can be found in a huge range of recognisable items, including cars, computers, aeroplanes, tools, fans, fridges and conveyor belts. When a part moves, turns or twists, it is very likely to contain a bearing.

Whether you need ball bearings, roller bearings, linear bearings or thrust bearings for your industrial or domestic application, we have the products you need — all at great prices and from the best-known brands in the business.