YS-T Type Air Cushion Isolator

YS-T Type Air Cushion Isolator

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Material: SUS 304¡C

The metal part material is stainless steel SUS 304, rust-proof, unnecessary maintenance, and long life.

YS-T type air cushion isolator, its structure is unique. The more significant stiffness ratio of the YS-K air cushion isolator can resist the machine's level push strength.

If this air cushion use on having the oil stain place, it can increase it to put oil-proof rubber(NBR) on the body rubber(CR) to protect.

The level adjustment is easy. The air cushion expresses the different height for the machine's load and its own big or small air pressure so can adjust the level depending on the inside pressure is big or small. It is effortless. YS-T type has with the with stainless steel pressure meter. The range of inside pressure is 0.5-5kg/cm2.

They're not the defect of forever compression aslant for rubber isolator and the deficiency of elastic fatigue and rust.

Roc patent no.49475 obtained.