YS-V Air-Springs

YS-V Air-Springs

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Ys-air springs can be used for withstanding vibration, eliminating vibration, applying pressure, lift and drop, control, and machinery action.

Without oil, seal-there is no air leakage and no requirement for lubrication and maintenance.

Fast action-  there is no static friction.

Small size-may lift from height because of no pole, the space is small.

Flexibility-can reaches 12, and it is possible for circular arc action.

Long life-using UV resistant, heat resistant, antioxidizing rubber material with high flexibility, fewer changing shapes, and making it a long life.

Large capacity-size from 65-710m/m, load from 60-17100kg, stroke 39-287m/m for your choice.

Height can be control height-fit proper valve can keep the fixed height.

Cheap price-if under same output, it is cheaper to use ys-air springs than to use metal air cylinder, especially the large specification the larger different price.