BANDO PS BELTS™ (Precision Seamless)

BANDO PS BELTS™ (Precision Seamless)

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BANDO PS BELTS (Precision Seamless)

PS Belts (Precision Seamless) are thin, woven flat belts without seams. High-performance flat belts have experienced remarkable developments in response to demand for their use in the low-vibration, rotational transfer of paper, paper currency, tickets and cards. PS Belts are used in automated equipment in offices, factories, banks and other precision equipment applications.


  • Ideally compact Thin, seamless and highly flexible, PS Belts can be used with small pulley designs.
  • Smooth rotation Positioning is always constant because PS Belts are seamless; rotation is smooth and vibration-free.
  • No re-tensioning PS Belts are specially processed for excellent dimensional stability, with almost no elongation.
  • Contributes to energy conservation Minimal transmission loss as PS Belts are thin, lightweight and highly flexible.
  • Wide selection available Various combinations of body/cover materials and surface profiles are available, so the optimum belt can be selected.