C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX

C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX

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C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX guides are designed for maintenance-free operation. 

Built-in lubricating element provides long lasting, maintenance-free operation through capillary action. Zero maintenance for 20,000 km or five years.

Superior dust protection is available with optional C-Wiper for continuous cleaning in extreme environments.

Four rows of cylindrical rollers are enclosed in a highly rigid casing.

Minimal elastic deformation ensures stable and reliable operation under heavy or fluctuating loads, as well as vibration and shock loads.

Four slide unit lengths available including short, standard, high rigidity long and high rigidity extra long.

Minimal lubrication requirements make our C-Lube products environmentally friendly.

Interchangeable outside dimensions between MX and LRX series.

Five sectional shapes available include: top or bottom mount flange type, top-mount low profile flange type, top-mount block type, top-mount compact block type, and top-mount low profile block type