Ceramic Material 99% Alumina Bearing

Ceramic Material 99% Alumina Bearing

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Alumina ceramic bearings use alumina ceramics with an alumina content of 99% as the material. The rolling elements also use alumina ceramics.

The main properties of alumina are as follows:

High wear resistance; in the high frequency range from DC to gigahertz, its dielectric properties are very excellent; at high temperatures, resistance to various strong acids and alkalis; good thermal conductivity; excellent dimensional and shape stability; High strength and hardness. Alumina with a purity of 94% to 99.5% can easily form metal composites and can be used in high temperature fields.

Application of alumina:

Gas laser machine; Core box panel; Sealing ring; High temperature electrical insulator; High voltage insulator; Furnace lining pipe; Ceramic yarn guide; Electronic substrate; Bulletproof armor; Wear-resistant pipe and elbow liner; Temperature measuring sensor; Laboratory instrument fittings; Thermal testing instrument components; Grinding medium, etc.