Compression Springs

Compression Springs

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The compression spring has a wide application, and the spring has sufficient clearance between each turn. The gap can be shortened after compression, and the original length is restored when the pressure disappears. To increase the contact area of the spring, the ends of the spring are often flattened. The compression spring is generally of equal intercept. In special cases, there is also an equal intercept. When the compression spring is equal to the intercept, its characteristic line is linear. When the intercept is not equal, the characteristic line is nonlinear.

The cross-section of the spring material used for the compression spring is divided into a circular shape, a rectangular shape, and a multi-strand shape. In recent years, to improve the spring material utilisation, a pipe material is also used. To improve the fatigue strength, the cross-section of the flat material is also gradually expanded.


The minimum wire size: 0.02mm

The minimum outer diameter of the springs: 0.08mm

The minimum possible tolerance value: 0.003mm