DC Bench Power

DC Bench Power

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The term "bench power supply" is used to informally describe power supplies that are light enough to place on a bench. Bench-top power supplies are stand-alone units that are most often used for circuit testing and development.


HPD Series

Model: HPD Series

Voltage: 15V - 60V

Current: 5A - 20A

Power: 0 - 300W

Overview: 300 Watts in a quarter-rack wide chassis



XDL Series

Model: XDL Series

Voltage: 35V - 56V

Current: 1A - 5A

Power: 105W - 215W

Overview: Digitally-controlled benchtop power supply


XEL Series

Model: XEL Series

Voltage: 15V - 250V

Current: 0A - 6A

Power: 75W - 180W

Overview: User-friendly 90W Linear Benchtop Supply


XHR Series

Model: XHR Series

Voltage: 7V - 600V

Current: 1A - 130A

Power: 0 - 1000W

Overview: 1000 watts of DC power in a compact half-rack package


XPD Series

Model: XPD Series

Voltage: 8V - 120V

Current: 5A - 67A

Power: 0 - 500W

Overview: 1/4 Rack Programmable DC Power Supplies


XPF Series

Model: XPF Series

Voltage: 60V

Current: 10A - 20A

Power: Up to 420W per output (840W total)

Overview: Benchtop power supply featuring dual isolated outputs. 


XPH Series

Model: XPH Series

Voltage:18V - 150V

Current: 2A - 10A

Power: 175W - 420W

Overview: Compact, high performance low cost power supply


XPL Series

Model: XPL Series

Voltage: 18V - 56V

Current: 1A - 3A

Power:30W - 125W

Overview: Economical and compact benchtop power supply


XT Series

Model: XT Series

Voltage: 7V - 250V

Current: 0A - 6A

Power: 0 - 60W

Overview: Programmable linear DC power in a quarter-rack package