DS Short Series AC-DC Distributed Power Front-End Power Supplies

DS Short Series AC-DC Distributed Power Front-End Power Supplies

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The latest Artesyn DS series AC-DC power supplies in the short form factor are designed to provide a scalable input power conversion solution for computing, storage and networking equipment that uses distributed power architectures (DPA) and intermediate bus architectures (IBA).

The range is housed in an industry-standard 1U high by 86mm wide form factor with individual power ratings from 500 to 2,000 watts and a roadmap for higher power models. This gives you the flexibility to select the model with the power rating you need today and adjust for lower or higher power needs across your product range or as you develop future generations of your products.

With a power density up to 50 W/in3 and efficiency ranging from 90 to 94% peak, you can be confident that you are getting a best-in-class power conversion solution whichever model in the range you select.

Many of the models in this range are available with AC or DC input options, which means you can specify the same power supply for deployment in environments from enterprises, traditional data centers, -48Vdc data centers or telecom central offices. The DC input option can also be used to power redundant equipment powered from battery backups.

  • Common Form Factor
  • Digital Control (PMBus®)
  • 500-2000 W High Density & Reliability
  • Market-Leading Efficiency
  • AC and DC Input Options