Elgar and California Instruments AC Power Source

Elgar and California Instruments AC Power Source

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Elgar and California Instruments Programmable AC Power Sources ranging from 800VA to 480kVA. From compliance test systems to rack-mounted industrial power subsystems, AMETEK Programmable Power is the leader in the design and manufacture of precision, programmable AC power sources used in R&D, test and measurement, avionics testing, inverter testing, arbitrary waveform generation, bulk power and power conditioning applications across a wide variety of industrial segments.

The Elgar and California Instruments line includes both highly advanced AC/DC power sources with complex waveform generation, and more basic AC and AC/DC power supplies for simpler applications.


Asterion AC

Model: Asterion AC 1U / 2U / 4U

Voltage: 200V - 400V Current: 1A - 30A

Power: 500VA - 18000VA

Overview: High

Performance AC power sources 


BPS Series

Model: BPS Series Voltage: 150V - 400V

Current: 0A - 400A Power: 30kVA – 180kVA

Overview: High Power Programmable AC Source for frequency conversion and product test.


Compact iX Series

Model: Compact iX Series

Voltage: 150V - 300V Current: 10A - 40A

Power: 2250VA

Overview: AC/DC power source with a high performance power analyzer


CS Series

Model: CS Series

Voltage: 0-270V

Current: 44.44A - 177.77A

Power: 3kVA - 18kVA

Overview: Programmable high power AC current source


CSW Series

Model: CSW Series

Voltage: 156V - 312V

Current: 8A - 288A

Power: 5.5 kVA - 33.3 kVA Overview: High Performance Programmable AC and DC Power Source


CW Series

Model: Continuous Wave (CW)

Voltage: 135V - 270V

Current: 3A - 19A

Power: 2500VA

Overview: Cost-effective Low Profile AC Source 


GUPS (Global UPS)

Model: Global UPS (GUPS)

Voltage: 115 / 230 VAC

Current: 21ARMS

Power: 1920W

Overview: Ruggedized Uninterruptible Power Supply