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Engineered Systems

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Avionics ATE Power Subsystem

Description: Power Subsystem for Transportable Military test stand. 


Battery String Simulator (BSS)

Description: Battery Simulation System, Battery charge and discharge.


DC Power / Energy Absorber Test System

Description: DC Power and Regenerative Load Applications.


OEM DC Power System for Semiconductor

Description: Provides power to electro-polish 300mm wafers.


Power Special Test Equipment (PSTE)

Description: Complete spacecraft power special test equipment.


Programmable High-Current (Copperhead)

Description: High-current DC Power System.


Radar Power Bus Simulation

Description: Provides sequenced programmable power to a phased array radar test facility.


Solar Array Simulator (SAS)

Description: Photovoltaic emulation.


Spacecraft Power Bus Simulator

Description: Provides power stimulus to payload subsystem from three independent power sources. 


TerraSAS (ETS Series)

Description: Standalone Terrestrial Solar Array Photovoltaic Simulator.


Thermal Vacuum Heater Power

Description: TVAC satellite chamber.


Water Cooled Laser Power Current Source

Description: Provides main power directly to the laser diode stacks.