Flat Roller Cage

Flat Roller Cage

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Low section

Flat Roller Cage is a limited linear motion guide consisting of high accuracy rollers and a very precise retainers and features low cress sectional height which is as high as the roller diameter.

Large load rating

Rollers are assembled in a cage with a small pitch distance, so load ratings are large and the rigidity is high.

Simple replacement for rolling guide

A single row model and a double row model with a 90° are standardized and can be easily used to modify the conventional plain guide ways of machine tools, etc. into a rolling guide type without a large-scale redesign of the bed.

Smooth operations and low noise

As a retainer processed with high accuracy guides the rollers, the frictional resistance is very low without stick-slip, and stable linear motion is obtained. Retainers made of synthetic resin are most suitable for applications where low noise is required.

Easy handing

The rollers are caged in the retainer securely, allowing easy handling.