GATES PowerGrip® HTD®

GATES PowerGrip® HTD®

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PowerGrip® HTD®

PowerGrip® HTD® and Timing belts have historically been the most commonly used rubber synchronous belt profiles in the industry. Gates originated the HTD tooth profile, whose curvilinear design delivers greater load capacity than trapezoidal-toothed Timing belts.

Gates offers the industry’s greatest range of standard belt lengths and widths. Gates small pitch sizes are ideal for precision positioning and light power applications, such as office machines and robotic equipment. In larger pitch sizes they are cost-effective performers in a wide range of industrial applications, such as agricultural, oil field and HVAC equipment.

Cost-Effective, Functional Belts for OEM or Replacement Markets

  • Built to be industry workhorses:
  • Fiberglass tensile cord provides high strength, excellent flex life, and high resistance to elongation
  • Neoprene body provides protection against grime, grease, oil and moisture
  • Nylon tooth facing provides a durable wear surface for long service life
  • Over 370 standard Timing belt lengths and a variety of widths, in MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH pitches
  • Over 230 standard HTD belt lengths and a variety of widths, in 3M, 5M, 20M pitches
  • HTD belts provide thirty percent increase in horsepower ratings, as compared to traditional Timing Belts


  • In small pitch sizes, PowerGrip HTD and Timing belts are well-suited for light power applications and those requiring precise positioning, such as data storage, hand power tools, postage and money handling equipment, food processors, office machines, centrifuges, medical diagnostic equipment, sewing machines, ticket dispensers, robotics, vending machines and vacuum cleaners
  • In larger pitch sizes, PowerGrip HTD and Timing belts provide synchronized power transmission for a wide range of machinery used in agriculture, construction, mining, forestry, and in the process and manufacturing industries.