GATES Synchro-Power® Polyurethane Belts

GATES Synchro-Power® Polyurethane Belts

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Synchro-Power® Polyurethane Belts

Gates Synchro-Power® polyurethane belts are designed for long lasting and energy-efficient performance on both power transmission and linear applications. They are built in endless and open-end versions in various sizes, constructions and tooth designs handling a wide range of loads, speeds and applications. Polyurethane is extremely wear and fatigue resistant and at the same time highly flexible. Product quality is visible through numerous details. Tolerances are tight and accurate, perfect tooth meshing is achieved. Gates Synchro-Power® blue sleeves are the most recent addition to the polyurethane belt product range. 

They are available up to 200 mm width and can easily be recognised by their blue colour.