High Rigidity Precision Linear Slide Units (BWU)

High Rigidity Precision Linear Slide Units (BWU)

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Simple limited linear motion guide structure

Small and simple limited stroke type structure incorporated with balls and retainer between integrated table and bed. With two-row four-point contact structure, stable accuracy and rigidity can be achieved even in applications where fluctuating load and complex load are applied.

High accuracy

Simultaneous grinding process of two-row track grooves is applied to table and bed, which provides small processing errors and realizes linear motion of high accuracy.

Smooth operations

As each component is finished with accuracy without recirculation resistance of the balls, light and smooth operations are obtained.

Stainless steel selections for excellent corrosion resistance

Stainless steel highly resistant to corrosion is used for all steel components, so that they are suitable for applications where rust prevention oil is not preferred, such as in a cleanroom environment.