PowerGrip® GT®3 Belts

PowerGrip® GT®3 Belts

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PowerGrip® GT®3

Rubber synchronous belt with optimised GT tooth profile

PowerGrip® GT®3 is Gates’ latest development in synchronous rubber belts. This technically advanced belt covers the widest range of industrial applications.

PowerGrip® GT®3 transmits up to 30% more power than the previous generation belts. The entire PowerGrip® GT®3 range is designed to run on existing drives and does not require any adaptation of the system.

  • Upgraded construction with fibreglass tensile cord, elastomeric teeth and backing and nylon facing.
  • Improved tooth jump resistance.
  • High capacity belt with reduced noise levels.
  • No lubrication needed.
  • 8MGT and 14MGT pitches are static conductive to ISO9563