METAL STAMPINGS/Precision Stamped Parts and Custom Metal stamping

METAL STAMPINGS/Precision Stamped Parts and Custom Metal stamping

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TSMC is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing high micro-precision parts or precision metal stamping.

We manufacture parts for many of a broad range of customer applications and offer various sizes and material. Ranging from small parts 0.05mm of width and 0.02mm of thickness, available material in stainless steel and exotic metal alloys, along with our in-house surface finish or assembly work also engineering support from the preliminary design to fabrication.


TSMC has expanded its welding capabilities with the addition of a robotic laser welding. Laser welding is an accurate, clean and flexible option thus can offer a cost-effective and flexible application for achieving high-quality weldments. It can reduce the overall weld time, lower distortion and less consumable usage.


At TSMC, Precision Stamping Parts are widely applied to Solar Equipment, Medical Equipment, Aerospace Equipment, Electronic Components, Cooling Module, LCD Industry, Wireless / Telecommunications Equipment and Others Digital Equipment.