Power Lock/SCN

Power Lock/SCN

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Clamp Element Model SCN

Material: S45C (tempered)
Screw Accuracy: JIS2 Class
Squareness between Screw Surface and End Face: ⊥ 0.01 Thread surface reference
Surface Roughness of End Face: Rmax = 6 S
  • Full functionality, higher sensitivity performance

The Clamp Element Model SCN of the industrial machine has a superior locking force and demonstrates a reliable function even in obstacles such as vibration. Besides, since it has a simple structure and can be fine-tuned, it can be installed according to the application.

  • High-precision function with excellent locking force

The Clamp Element Model SCN is symmetrical about the center of rotation and consists of one element. As shown in the figure, the inner groove is divided into a nut tightening part and an adjusting part. One track is also machined on the outer circumference, so it has sufficient elasticity in the axial direction. 

Also, depending on the nut's size, 3 to 6 hexagon socket head cap screw are mounted on the pitch circle at equal intervals. By tightening this bolt, the nut tightening part and the adjusting part can be brought closer to each other in the axial direction, and the play of the screw flank between the nut and the spindle can be adjusted or removed. (There is a hole for a hook spanner on the nut's outer circumference and a hole for a pin spanner on the front.)