POWER SPRINGS/Pre-Stressed Power Springs

POWER SPRINGS/Pre-Stressed Power Springs

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Both of our conventional power springs and back wound pre-stressed power springs are formed by winding a pre-stressed flat strip on an arbour and enclosing it in a case. These springs are used to store and release rotational energy in the form of torque.

Pre-stressed Powder Springs are wound around the arbour in a reverse direction and assemble it in a housing or keeper. It is "S" shaped when in the free state, the ends configurations can be formed a connection hook or bend, or it can be pierced or notched a hole. As spring thickness and length increases and spring space relatively increase.

This unique configuration yields a compact power source that allows the spring
the torque increase throughout the number of good turns and cause higher working stress while resulting in a flatter torque gradient.

Compared with a conventional power spring, a pre-stressed power spring can have a greater energy storage capacity up to 25% to 55% with the same torque and deflection, which is suitable for use in applications where winding, counterbalancing and retrieving are required.