RETAINING RINGS/Spiral Retaining Rings

RETAINING RINGS/Spiral Retaining Rings

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Spiral Retaining Rings are manufactured by coiling the ring from flat wire that twisted on edge. The unique coiled-on-edge design provides a gapless call with 360 of retention and offers space savings in a radial direction. No Protruding lugs or ears interfere with mating components stamped burrs, thereby creating a ring with exceptional strength and stability. These retaining rings are economically produced and ease assembly that is often more efficient and cost-effective than traditional fasteners or die-stamped circlip.

Spiral Retaining Rings are designed for weight and space-saving applications. This form of retaining rings or circlip often used to fasten assemblies on shafts (EXTERNAL type) or inside housings and bores (INTERNAL type). They are ideal for pressure gauge, actuator valves, Gear assembly, lock, Pneumatic clutches, (belt) pulley, connector, hose fitting etc.


The unique coiled-on-edge design of Retaining rings have assembly advantages.

No gap- full 360° surface contact.

No lug or ears to interfere with the assembly.

No stamped burr- exceptional strength and stability of an assembly.

Easier to install / removal, greater design flexibility.

All these can significantly reduce production costs.