Sonic Tension Meter U508

Sonic Tension Meter U508

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Sonic Tension Meter U508

Gates Sonic Tension Meter can easily be operated by one person for extremely accurate readings on all types of synchronous belt drive systems and V belt Drives. Use the Standard Flexible Arm sensor to reach inside cramped compartments where conventional measurements would be impossible.

Use the optional Extended Length Flexible Arm sensor for even greater access to cramp areas. Use the optional inductive sensor to measure belt tensions in high noise or windy environment.

Optional Cord microphone sensor is available for conventional measurements.

This smaller, lighter and more user-friendly version of the meter features:

  • Output readings measurable in herz, pounds, kilograms and newtons.
  • Improved frequency range from 10-5000 herzs.
  • Variable frequency range filters.
  • Auto gain control automatically adjuests meter sensitivity.
  • Input Data memory up to 40
  • LCD screen with black light.
  • Store up to 500 Measured readings
  • Can be used for Synchronous & V-Belts
  • Uses sound waves instead of force/deflection
  • Results are repeatable with any operator
  • Portable, Lightweight & Easy to use.
  • Fast. Calculates tension in seconds.