Synchro-Link® KPS Timing Belts

Synchro-Link® KPS Timing Belts

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Synchro-Link® KPS Timing Belts


King Power Synchronous Belt (KPS II), lower-speed high torque drives

Utilizing high modulus aramid cords and the unique blue polyurethane body, the KPS II is the belt of choice for the applications requiring exceptional power transmission capabilities, particularly on lower speed-high torque drives.

  • The KPS II belt transmits up to 5 times more power thana standard STS belt. This allows the same power transmission capacity to be achieved using narrower or smaller diameter pulleys, saving space and money.
  • Wear-resistant polyurethane construction reduces rubber dust.
  • Available in 8mm and 14mm pitch.
  • Utilize standard STS pulleys for a wide range of speed ratios.