Synchro-Link® Trapezoidal Timing Belts

Synchro-Link® Trapezoidal Timing Belts

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Synchro-Link® Trapezoidal Timing Belts

The extra durable, highly flexible neoprene backing provides excellent abrasion and wear resistance — especially important if power is transmitted from the back of the belt. Backing also guards the tensile cords against oil, grease, dirt, and moisture.

Continuous, helically-wound high strength fiberglass tensile cords guarantee dimensional stability to eliminate take-up adjustments. Heavy torque loads won’t fatigue this super strong cord. S and Z orientation of the cords aid in minimizing belt tracking problems.

Precision formed, oil and heat resistant neoprene teeth have a shear resistance equal to the tensile strength of the belt (under standard “6 teeth in mesh” tests). Tooth design and tight manufacturing tolerances provide full surface contact between belt and pulley for smooth running characteristics.

The tooth surface is protected by a low friction, clean running, wear resistant woven nylon facing. Seamless construction eliminates vibration.