Bancollan TN Synchronous Belts

Bancollan TN Synchronous Belts

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Bancollan TN Synchronous Belts, made from highly durable polyurethane, were developed especially for very small drives. TN Synchronous Belts are high-precision and extra light-duty, with a unique profile.

Product Advantages

  • Minimization of construction space
  • Minimum pulley size 5 mm with TN10; 7 mm with TN15
  • High torque at low pre-tension
  • Low distortion and smooth running
  • Very small pitch and optimized grip in the pulley grooves guarantee smooth revolutions with accurate speed just like a flat belt
  • No backslash
  • Precise positioning
  • Choice of tension members according to respective application

Belt Construction

  1. Polyurethane backing
  2. Tension members (Steel wire, Aramid or Polyester)
  3. Polyurethane teeth