TORSION SPRINGS/Double Torsion Springs

TORSION SPRINGS/Double Torsion Springs


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Torsion springs are a type of coil or helical spring that reacts to applied rotational forces, providing torque or storing rotational energy when the spring is set. The ends are rotated in angular deflection, commonly used over a supporting mandrel or arbour. Thus it is also referred to as helical springs. Torsion springs are widely made of carbon steel or stainless steel because of the stiffness of the material.

A great majority of torsion springs are close wound with minimal tension between the coils, but can also be manufactured with an open wound body. The direction of the wind can be designed in a left or right-hand wound in various deflection angles, and the legs can be at any position and style such as straight legs, and multiple legs bend with a short hook, linear offset, hinge, straight torsion. Spring configurations are available in single-coil or double coils forms.

In addition to offering various for single torsion springs, TSMC offers custom double torsion springs. The characteristic feature of dual torsion spring is that they have two separate sets of coils section. One is wound in a clockwise direction, and the other wound in an anti-clockwise direction connected to the same centre axis and worked in parallel. The total torque of a double torsion spring is equal to the sum of the individual springs.

Because their unique properties make them perfect for any applications, they are typically found in all major home appliances, automotive, medical equipment, aerospace devices, electronic, consumer products and more. Whether have it working in a clothespin, hinge springs, door locks, electrical switches, window shades, ceiling light fittings, etc.