TORSION SPRINGS/Single Torsion Springs

TORSION SPRINGS/Single Torsion Springs


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Torsion springs are coiled springs that work by either twisting or torsion, (rotational motion). The ends of torsion springs are attached to separate components that allow for a flexible object to store mechanical energy when twisted. Once twisted, the springs exert torque force in the opposite direction in a proportional amount to the angle that they turned.

TSMC manufacture custom torsion springs from round, square, rectangular and special section wire, the most common material types are stainless steel (type 302, type 316 and type 17-7 PH), music wire, spring steel and hardened drawn steel. The spring legs can be at any position and have virtually any bent, hooked, twisted, looped or formed to conform to a custom application. Spring ends are available in several standard forms, such as short hook ends, hinge ends, straight offset, straight torsion, special ends, straight torsion and double torsion.

Usually, torsion springs are close wound but can some time have pitched to reduce friction between the coils and are left hand or right-hand wound, usually is designed to wind up, when the spring winds up, the coil diameter will decrease, and the body length will increase. The wind direction is determined by whether the torsion spring is made to work in a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation for a given application.

Torsion springs are used in various industries, including Automotive, Medical Equipment, Electrical equipment, Aerospace and Robotic systems, a typical example of a torsion spring that is used in a clothes pins, clipboards, door hinges, retractable seating, digital cameras and numerous other uses.