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double cogged

Duraflex® VC and DC are the most precise V-belts available. Due to their superior dimensional stability, Duraflex® VC and DC have half the center-to-center distance variation of conventional belts. This stability and exceptionally high coefficient of friction add up to minimal slippage. The polyurethane construction eliminates the black dust problem common in conventional belts.

The polyurethane body is more stable, flexible and the non-conductive compound is highly resistant to lubricants with a minimal volume increase

Exclusive Bando Tetron® cords are positioned with exact spacing to insure tensile strength and dimensional stability in high-speed shock load applications.

Cogged design provides maximum flexibility without sacrificing either strength or performance. Double cog construction allows you to scale down pulley size requirements. Cogs allow efficient operation in pulleys as small as 0.6" OD with virtually no slippage or heat build up.