WAVE SPRINGS/Multi Turn Wave Springs

WAVE SPRINGS/Multi Turn Wave Springs

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Multi-Turn (Peak-to-Peak) Wave springs are formed by stacking successive round edges of wave layers. The peaks correspond to the heights. Each peak is neatly aligned in a straight line and maintains its overall appearance. Therefore, its performance can be achieved without additional assistance.

The elastic coefficient of the Multi-Turn (Peak-to-Peak) Wave springs is inversely proportional to the number of turns of the spring and is suitable for a large stroke, low/medium elasticity coefficient and medium/low load environment.

Multi-Turn (Peak-to-Peak) Wave springs can replace coil helical compression springs, requiring only one-half or less of axial space to provide the same force, making them ideal for use in space-constrained environments. It keeps the function of the compression spring and reduces the free high, operating high and closeness.

Wave Springs reduce spring height by 50%
Same force and deformation as ordinary coil/compression springs
Wave Springs fit radial and axial spaces.
We can provide unique materials
The load in an axial direction is 100% transferable.

Stock Sizes
• WS Series (in)
Inch series available from .374" to 2" in carbon and stainless steel

• WS Series (mm)
Metric series available from 9.5 to 50.8 in carbon and stainless steel