YS-EAE Type Air Cushion Isolator

YS-EAE Type Air Cushion Isolator

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High anti-vibration efficiency: The natural frequency of the air cushion isolator is minimal (approx. 3.0~5.0HZ); thus seismic isolation is relatively high

No need to worry about elastic fatigue or deformation: Air is used as the medium of seismic isolation; thus a load of bearing equipment can permanently maintain ideal elasticity

Best muffing effect: Air is a bad conductor of sound; therefore, it serves as a good medium for providing a muffing result.

Durability: The neoprene rubber has excellent weather resistance property and high durability

Easy to use with high safety: The installation is simple, and the height is adjusted for convenient use. With the additional protection of external steel casing, the rubber is not affected by oil stains, foreign objects, sunlight or ozone.

Extension of usage lifetime: This air cushion isolator has an excellent anti-vibration effect of reducing damage to the equipment, extending the lifetime of usage.

Patented product: This product has obtained the ROC patent Nos. 099119 and 109287 and 111872, as we as the PROC patent Z96210523.6.

Particularly long distance of decay: Since the rubber body adopts a wave design, the vibration decay is longer than that of standard products.