YS-H Type Hanger (Def. 25mm)

YS-H Type Hanger (Def. 25mm)

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YS product putting under the protuberant part of metal accessories can bear 5-375kg. The customer can choose the needed size in this area. If using 2 sets can get shallow vibration index lower index, the more significant effect of isolation.

How to choose the proper hanging isolation rubber pad, from the following (chart1,chart2), is very easy to find out the appropriate isolation rubber pad by the cross accessory tube's size. (The quantity of vibration of this selected chart is above 300CPM and made by avoiding 2 times noise standard).

Chart 1 cross accessory tube usage example:

Accessory tube by one pole 3 meters than can find the proper rubber pad the procedure is

1.At the beneath support interval 3 meters where vertically turned upward.

2.To intersect with the curve of an accessory tube, at this intersecting point, parallel to the left.

3.Can find out the most suitable model of YS-55D.

4.This model can bear a 130kg weight accessory tube, and the curvature is 1.5-3mm.