YS-K Type Cushion Isolator

YS-K Type Cushion Isolator

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The newly-developed product YS-K type Air Cushion isolators will serve as an innovator isolator for many engineering works to prevent vibration and noise from being transferred toward the structure or foundation.

This new product will correctly solve the public problems of noise and vibration caused by any machine and equipment using its outstanding isolation efficiency.

Extend the life of machinery and decrease its maintenance charges.

Easy to install: fasten it under the bottom of the machines and equipment, then adjust to a proper air level individually, without any airline piping system.

Easy level adjustment: to inflate or deflate, according to its load, the isolator to a proper gap width as measured from its built-in static deflection scale. The inner Air Pressure ranges from 0 to 7 kgs/cm2. 

Over 97% isolation efficiency: having the highest efficiency than any others as it has a lower natural frequency (about 2.4-3.0HZ).

No shortage of elastic weariness for coil spring isolators which lose its efficiency after earn-out.

There is no shortage of permanent set for common rubber goods that will not recover its shape and height from the permanent group.

More durable: It is made of unique ageing resistant and airproof rubber materials and will provide force or support load by the volume of the inflated air pressure, not by rubber parts. Thus it will last and endure a long time, and work such as a tubeless auto tire.

Reasonable price: It is produced through strict quality control and mass-production process, and will cost you less than that of coil spring isolators.

Effective noise reduction: Air cushions minimise vibration and noise with its contained gaseous body with much more noise-reducing efficiency than any other solid or liquid bodies.

ROC Patent No.24453 obtained.

USA Patent No. 4603844 obtained.