PowerGrip® GT®2

PowerGrip® GT®2

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PowerGrip® GT®2

Rubber Synchronous is PowerGrip. PowerGrip belts have consistently been solving real-world application requirements for more than 60 years. Today, a renewed focus is present. By providing innovative belt drive solutions, next-generation product development, and the tools and resources to help make doing business with Gates faster and more efficient, we will continue to exceed your expectations.

Leading portfolio of problem-solving synchronous belt drive solutions

  • Used in a diverse range of power transmission applications requiring speed, strength and durability.
  • Complete industrial belt line for the most demanding applications, custom OEM design engagements, and replacement of chain and gear drives
  • Timing belts for automobiles
  • Heavy-duty belts and sprockets for factory-grade machinery
  • Specialty belts for custom applications and requirements for unique compounds, durometers, high and low temperatures, anti-static, unique cords, colors, and
  • Synchronous belts for motion control and positioning applications requiring precision and low maintenance.
  • Complete drive systems, including belts, sprockets, bushings and other hardware.
  • Solutions for OEM, aftermarket and replacement markets (MRO).

Off-the-shelf or custom made

  • The broadest and deepest inventory of lengths, widths, pitches, compounds, cord materials and tooth profiles, in stock for quick delivery.
  • Skilled application, materials and product development engineers, coupled with global research and development testing facilities delivering the next-generation rubber synchronous belts and drive systems with advanced materials to solve evolving application requirements.