Open Frame, Low Power AC-DC Power Supplies

Open Frame, Low Power AC-DC Power Supplies

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Artesyn Embedded Power is a market leader in low to medium power AC-DC power supplies. The company produces an extensive range of solutions under the Astec and Artesyn (and formerly Emerson) brand names. These products are renowned for their outstanding performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness.


Our range of low to medium power AC-DC power supplies extends from 25 watts to 500 watts, and offers an exceptionally wide variety of configuration options. Most of these power supplies are available with a choice of single or multiple isolated outputs with numerous different voltage combinations, and a considerable number also provide auxiliary outputs for powering fans and standby circuits.


All our low to medium power AC-DC power supplies are high efficiency switch-mode designs and feature a universal AC input, making them suitable for use almost anywhere in the world. Most of the models above 60 watts offer harmonic current correction to meet the EN61000-3-2 standard. Most of the power supplies are available in open-frame and enclosed configurations, and the portfolio provides for a choice of convection or fan-assisted cooling.


These power supplies are ideally suited to applications in communications, computing, storage, business systems, test, instrumentation and industrial equipment. Many of the supplies are also available with medical approvals, for applications such as patient monitoring systems and other portable equipment used in medical wards and surgical operating theaters.