RETAINING RINGS/Laminar Seal Rings

RETAINING RINGS/Laminar Seal Rings

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Laminar Seal Rings are virtually non-contacting seals with the roundness of the ring over 360° surface, generally produced from metal and occupies small radial and axial space, therefore create hardly any friction, heat or wear; capable of retaining grease, has a uniform dynamic weight during rotation, easily withstand high temperatures and corrosive, can protecting sensitive components from contamination and abrasion. Thus they can outperform traditional seals in durability and life expectancy.

TSMC Laminar Seal Ring is a metallic labyrinth seal consisting of two or multiple rings in a groove for rotating shafts and housings. Available in single and double wound versions and a variety of materials to meet specific customer requirements. Laminar sealing rings are designed for applications that deal with more severe conditions or other extreme operating conditions.