Standing Pipe Anti-Vibration/YS-R Piping Isolation

Standing Pipe Anti-Vibration/YS-R Piping Isolation

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During regular operation, the conduit is mainly supported by a fixed-step. When an earthquake occurs, the pipe lacks sufficient strength to support the vertical force; thus, it will swing, and excessive swing often causes the conduit's damage. The primary function of YS-R¡¦s anti-swing ring is to prevent such swings, and it does not need to be attached to the pipe since this will impose slight vibration.

The YS-R anti-swing ring is processed with hot-dip galvanization so that it does not rust easily and the usage lifetime is longer.

We can customize the size of the anti-swing ring according to the actual requirement on site. Please contact us with relevant data such as pipe diameter and insulating materials.

The amount of damper rubber is designed according to the vertical pipe of 5 mm; if the length is different, please notify us for modifications.

Larger sizes can also be customized.